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The Little Parade

The Bundle of Joy Box

The Bundle of Joy Box

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Welcome a little bundle of joy into the world or treat your own precious one with this thoughtfully curated gift box. The Bundle of Joy is filled with essential items to soothe, comfort, and entertain your baby while celebrating those special early milestones.

What's Inside?:

  • 1 X Nuk Oral Wipes: Keep those tiny gums clean and fresh with gentle, easy-to-use oral wipes.
  • 1 X Milestone Cards: Capture every adorable moment and precious milestone with a set of beautifully designed photo cards.
  • 1 X Swaddle: Give your baby the gift of secure snuggles with a soft and breathable swaddle.
  • 1 X Stuffed Toy: A cuddly companion that's sure to become a favorite for years to come.
  • 1 X Stroller Toy: Colorful and engaging, this stroller toy will keep your little one entertained on walks and outings.
  • 1 X Baabaa Pillow (S): Provide comfort and a sense of security with a small and huggable Baabaa Pillow.

Give the gift of comfort, joy, and lasting memories with the Bundle of Joy!

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